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Great news we are are now selling our beers online across a few different channels including craft beer marketplace Only Craft Beer, Soon to Be Dan Murphy's Marketplace and directly from our own website at - please keep a lookout for these great websites. If you can't make it in store or find our great brews at your local stockist, then jump online and grab some of the good stuff today.

We are focused on supporting our local stockists and also promoting our beers on a range of digital channels. In this day and age it is not good bsuiness sense to be focused on just 1 channel, with the world changing at a fast pace, with people searching and consuimg products and services in very different ways - we need to be a part of this journey so we can serve our community.

“A Direct to Consumer shop is the very minimal online presence that brewers need to have. In the post Covid-19 era, many believe that online shopping is now five years ahead of where it was expected to be. Where possible, brewers need to cultivate as diverse a range of availability as is achievable in the digital space,” advises Corbett.

E-commerce has become an increasingly powerful channel for retailers: The web is the main source for consumers to research and discover products, and Forrester estimates 70% of purchases will be digitally influenced by 2027. What’s more, retailers that engage consumers online are more apt to sell more goods when those shoppers make a purchase, either online or in store, marketing research firm Acosta found.

And for retailers who haven’t embraced the digital revolution, Spesia has one piece of advice: “Start today. This is something consumers are asking for,” she says. “When we make it easy for them, we all win.”

Soon to be on the marketplace (Keep a lookout)



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