About SurfCraft Brewing

Everything we do at SurfCraft is a creative collaboration between the beer and surf industry. We are celebrating our local history, craftsmanship, and transformational impact on modern-day surfing in every one of our beers.

Inspired by the Brookvale Six and the history of surfing on the Northern Beaches, the Six are largely credited to starting the surf industry and bringing modern surfing to Australia. Together, they ended up producing 90 percent of Australia’s surfboards and with the help of cheaper rent they turned Brookvale into the nation's surfing capital - Surf City. 

The Brookvale Six were no strangers to a beer or two, either, and used to rotate beer duties so they could enjoy a keg of the good stuff at knockoff. This tradition was held every friday after blowing foam all week in the factories.

Here at SurfCraft we have decided it's high time this area reforged the link between the two types of foam that have put us on the map. Our mission is to unite the worlds of shaping beers and crafting boards has led to SurfCraft, a beer label inspired by the style and spirit of the Northern Beaches surf culture.