SurfCraft were very humbled and priviliged to support the Bennett's at the Old Mal Day 2022.

Old Mal Day at the Bennett showroom in Brookvale, showcases the evolution of Aussie surf craft, classic surf cars, skateboards, music, of course a few Pintails and good times. 

Objects evolve; sometimes slowly, surely, and almost imperceptibly, and at other times through explosive design revolutions. But they always evolve in a never ending process of refinement and improvement. The surfboard is no exception.

The Surfboard provides a perfect example of the design developments and mutations that can occur when, over a long period of time, many people come together around a common purpose. There were plenty of vintage boards on display on the day, from Gregs incredible stash of history from the roofs of the factory and from other legends that had driven up the highway in their vintage cars to display the evolution and history of surfboard design and culture to the crowd at one of the most iconic factories of where modern surfing was born.

The Day was a blast from the past and also a sign of the great future that lies ahead for the Bennett's with the great legacy of
 supplying quality surfcraft, as Barry had done since 1956 in safe hands with Greg and Tom.

Check out some of the great photos below to get a feel of the vibe of what was a very special day.

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