SurfCraft’s Pintail Lager enters GABS Can Design Awards presented by Orora!


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Every year, there are numerous craft beer awards celebrating the best-in-class brews from around Australia. Highly trained judges are looking at the style, clarity, flavour profile, aroma, and mouthfeel. They're looking at what goes inside the can or bottle.

But what about the outside label? That brilliantly executed artwork that first catches a craft beer lover’s eye. That pop of colour, witty copy, and bold design that leaps off the shelf. In the world of craft beer and cider, first impressions count. We decided it's time to celebrate the designers and marketers behind those important moments.

The Pintail Lager celebrates the pioneers of modern-day surfing known as The Brookvale Six. We have collaborated with one of the Six and one of the longest serving surfboard manufacturers in Australia, Bennett Surfboards, who since 1956 has been a beacon of innovation amongst the surfing community. We take inspiration from the forward-thinking philosophy of the Bennett’s and have shaped a refreshing, well-balanced lager with a unique twist. Using NZ hop Nelson Sauvin, a hop that was a little innovator itself with its unique Sauvignon Blanc and gooseberry characters, we pay homage to those who can take something seemingly relatively every day and elevate it to new heights. Our Pintail Lager does just that.

The design of the Pintail Lager pays homage to the surf culture and brands of the time. The brief was for the can to look and fee like a surfboard with the triple stringer down the middle, the retro logo, the colour red aligned to the Bennett’s style, with our brewers and beer ingredients scribbled down the stringer just like a surfboard shaper, and the inspirational story of The Brookvale Six.

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We’re asking all you lovers of SurfCraft to choose our Pintail Lager can design from Australia’s leading breweries in the GABS Can Design Awards presented by Orora, in association with Opal Specialty Packaging, Bintani, BrewsNews, SMARTCraft Beer Club and Craft Cartel.

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