SURFCRAFT Brewing Co. is proud to announce that we have become the major sponsor and supporter of the Museum of Surf.

The museum was created, from a conversation with an avid collector of vintage surfboards that wanted to share the history with the world but had no technical skills to do so. For Rob, it was an opportunity to showcase not only his collection but of many others who have their own stories to tell.

The Sunset collection is a result of many hours of dragging boards out from under the house, out of the garage, etc. The collection is a result of over 30 years of effort and is a testament to the passion Rob & Wayne have for the history of surfing and the evolution of the surfboard.

The contributors to this site are a like-minded group who have a passion for not only vintage surfboards and all things surfing related. We have been amazed by some of these collections and their personal favorites. The Museum could say without these passionate collectors a majority of our surfing history would be in a garbage tip and crushed into oblivion.

Rob and Wayne have spent many hours pulling old surfboards out from under houses, up in roof spaces and everywhere else you could think of. Rob's idea is to collect digital images of as many of these boards and memorabilia as possible to add to this site, the payback to the collector is they receive a digital library of their collection that they can use to peruse their collection at any time, without having to crawl under the house to look at them.

Here at SurfCraft we make beer to tell an authentic surfing story to our community. Surfing is core to our beer story. Our inspiration comes from the pioneering artisans who founded the Australian surfing industry in the 1950’s, known as The Brookvale Six. Shaped and crafted from the factories of where modern-day surfing in Australia was born.

We provide beers crafted from a unique surf story; we immerse ourselves with the story, the families and with the community, and we do it for the love of beer, surfing and our local history.

SurfCraft Brewing Co. is honoured to support the Museum and the surfing community to become the museum's major sponsor. Our vision is to tell the story of surfing and the pioneers with everyone of our beers and to be involved with Rob, Wayne and the crew at the Museum for us is a perfect pairing.

Our support helps Rob, Wayne and the team to continue their passions and share the craft and history of surfing to everyone. We look forward to supporting the team and feel priviliged to support and become the major sponsor of the Museum of Surf.

Credit: Robert Ryan and Wayne Priestly

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