SurfCraft Brewing Co. infamous Launch Party is back on, our 2nd beer of The Brookvale Six -

The Vee Bottom Session Ale inspired by the Keyo's.

Join SurfCraft Brewing Co, The Keyo's and Dad & Dave's teams as we all come together to celebrate the launch of the Keyo inspired - Vee Bottom Session Ale.

To celebrate this very cool collaboration and our 2nd beer of the Six to market, we will have a big local crowd in the brewery, the carpark, surf rockers The Eight Balls will be playing live, the best burgers in Australia, Vintage boards, Vintage cars, Merch, Giveaways and Plenty of Vee Bottom on Tap. 

Our Vee Bottom Session Ale is the next in the series to pay homage to the pioneers of modern-day surfing, the Brookvale Six. Our inspiration for this super sessionable ale, is the founder of Keyo Surfboards, Denny Keogh who was an unheralded leader of the shortboard revolution of the '60s. It was in the Keyo Factory along with many crafting hands that the game changing Vee Bottom came to life, giving surfers the shape they needed to carve a tighter, shorter arc on the wave creating a new movement (sounds like our beer). Our Vee Bottom Session Ale waves the Keyo flag for innovation using an incredibly new and exciting hop from NZ Hops, NZH-102. This new kid off the block hop doesn’t even have a name yet but is slated to make as big a wave in brewing as the Keyo's did for surfing.

Come Join us and Enjoy a Vee Bottom with the crew. Get your Tickets Now and dont miss out.

Dad & Dave's Brewing Brookvale 45 Mitchell Road Brookvale, NSW 2100

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