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SurfCraft Brewing Co

Brookvale Six - Mixed Case (16 x 375ml Cans)

Brookvale Six - Mixed Case (16 x 375ml Cans)

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The crew from SurfCraft have put together their best selling beers into a convenient gift pack. A Mixed Case of the Good Stuff! A selection of our core range including Pintails, Vee Bottoms, Magic Sam and more to be released soon. 

The golden decade of surfing in Australia gave birth to six pioneering artisans who supplied the entire nation with surfboards. Their craft shaped the history of surfing in Australia forever, they are known as The Brookvale Six. SurfCraft Brewing’s inspiration comes from these legends who founded the Australian surfing industry in the 1950’s, known as The Brookvale Six. Barry Bennett, Gordon Woods, Bill Wallace, Scott Dillon, Greg McDonagh, and Denny Keogh. The Brookvale Six started making boards, first with balsa from the forests of Ecuador and then with foam, supplying the whole of Australia their boards and turned Brookvale into Surf City.

Every Friday, they took turns in turning on a keg of beer. These men pioneered the surfboard manufacturing industry in Australia and helped transform how surfing was shaped and we are thrilled to share their story, so we can revere, have a beer, admire, respect, and never forget them or their craft.

The mixed case celebrates each one of the pioneers of modern-day surfing known as The Brookvale Six. 

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